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"We met CyberMark back in 2004 after we had hired another SEO company to optimize our site. Unknowingly they had applied techniques that the search engines would later penalize us for. CyberMark did some research to determine why we had no listings and it was because we had been banned by all of the major search engines. We promptly hired them to get us back in compliance with the search engines. They removed all unethical SEO and replaced with good SEO, and wrote letters to Google explaining our situation. The search engines allowed us back in and we have been ranking in the top 5 for our terms ever since.

Being a franchise company it is imperative that we deliver good and solid leads to our franchisees. We are now able to do this and our growth due to CyberMark is exponential. Our franchisees were not doing well on the web either, so we came up with a strategic plan for Cybermark to be the sole web optimization company for our worldwide franchisees. Now our franchisees are pulling their own traffic and leads on top of what we can give them. CyberMark saved my business and I am forever grateful. Our franchisees attribute that a significant portion of their business is directly brought through CyberMark organic SEO. Best of all they only take on one franchise company in a particular category so you need not worry about them marketing a competitor while they are marketing for your company. I would snatch them up before it is too late. Believe me - you DON'T want your competitor to reach them first.

I strongly urge anyone, especially if you are a franchise company or dealership type of business to contact CyberMark and see what they can do for you! Just look where our company southwestgreens.com ranks on Google for our big terms, putting greens and golf greens, and see for yourself."

Weston Weber
Southwest Greens

Artificial grass by Southwest Greens is becoming quite popular for businesses and residential landscapes. Artificial turf is what every golfer should have.  Our Synthetic grass will give you the ability to practice your game without the green fees.

CyberMark has only been doing my marketing for 10 weeks and WOW!  I have already gotten some leads to follow up on.

I know that is takes 3 months for total search engine saturation to see the full results... I can't wait based upon the results they have gotten me already!  Great job CyberMark I would refer you to anyone. 

Todd Pennie Trucking
Canada trucking company

Canadian trucking company, trucking freight, and ltl to Canada. Call our Canadian freight company for transportation logistics and logistics management for shipping freight. China ocean shipping to and from China to US.


You asked me for a SEO recommendation for your clients. I am pleased to provide you the highest recommendation for Cybermark International. Kimberly Judd-Pennie is their CEO. I have worked with Kimberly and Cybermark for several years and continue to work with them on an ongoing basis. I have also learned a great deal from them.

They have the highest integrity and do what they claim and in a timely manner. We have gone through two optimization programs and will do more. All of our SEO is organic and we went up to a "6" Google page ranking shortly after the optimization was implemented. We are within the first 100,000 Alexa web sites and are indexed front and center by Google and the Search Engines for everything military. We have excellent traffic and continue to grow at a healthy rate.

Kimberly and her colleagues are always a pleasure to work with and responsive to our needs and questions. They have gone above and beyond many times to assist and advise us in other areas. I completely trust them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I sincerely believe that Cybermark can be a valuable asset to your clients.


Debbie Gregory, President
Military Connection
(800)-817-3777 or (805) 306-0580 x124
Fax: (805) 306-0539 or (805) 306-0583


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the product and the service that you have provided me through CyberMark International. Specifically, I am referring to the website you built and optimized from my dealership.

Your unique product of conducting geographic specific marketing research, writing and monitoring the appropriate code for optimization on the prominent search engines as well as aiding me in the development of my website has not only yielded a first class website, but a functional one that provides salient leads. It not only generates leads that are not only in New England, but across the United States. This means that clients who live in New England can be anywhere in the U.S. and still find my website. Even more importantly is the service and level of communication provided to me on an ongoing basis. I could not ask for a better customer service representative than CyberMark. CyberMark was responsive, intuitive, creative, and a great problem solver. In simple terms, we get it - CyberMark can anticipate and is considerate, cordial, and succinct in your communication.

Success: I define success as the generation of leads with pertinent information for appropriate follow-up, a website that is informative enough to start talking to clients well into the sales cycle, brand recognition and awareness, and ultimately - leads that turn into sales. Cybermark International has provided me that capability with my dealer website. When I conduct trade shows, my website is hotlinked on the prominent advertising media whether they are home shows or sponsorships for 3 on 3 basketball tournaments. When clients walk up to my booth or see my logo, not only do they immediately recognize my company, but there is instant credibility. My logo and what it represents is viewed as the leader in providing the best indoor and outdoor multi-sports zones - "The Ultimate Sports Zone".

Sales: My website now accounts for approximately 45% of my business. I have sold courts completely over the internet with people on-line either asking me questions while we mutually review my website or asking me questions while they are referring to my website. I have received inquiries from as far away as Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic. Most clients today are internet savvy, so I must be prepared to sell competitively against other options that can be found on the internet. Cybermark provides me the opportunity to be recognized first before any other choices; that in combination with the depth of information on my website, provides me a significant advantage. My site looks professional, responds on searches promptly with a wide coverage of key words, and provides the brand presence and product information that a client needs to inspire them to call me or e-mail me for follow-up.

Best Regards,

Frank Johnston
President – Eagles De Forte’, Inc.

 "We have been working with CyberMark for over 10 years building our company on the internet. We were much smaller when we started with CyberMark but now thanks to them we have grown to almost 75 dealers internationally. We had been through 8 other marketing companies before running in to CyberMark and were we ever impressed! I felt comfortable right away and decided to move forward and it has been one of my best business decisions ever. They helped our corporate site bring more leads to our dealers, growing our business as well as theirs. They also had an incredible marketing plan for franchise companies which Kimberly Judd-Pennie personally developed herself. It is so incredible but so proprietary that I don't want my competitors to know about it so I prefer to stay anonymous for my testimonial. I don't know anyone doing marketing for franchise companies like CyberMark. One of the best features I like about their service for franchise companies, is only one company per industry category is accepted.

I was even asked by Kimberly if it would be ok for them to take on another company that she thought may have had one product that was competing with one of our many. I told her to go ahead and could not believe the level of ethics in business that she would even ask. Over 90% of all of our leads come directly from the marketing CyberMark has done for us, and we get thousands! Thank you CyberMark we really do owe all of our growth to you!"

John – Founder and President

Since CyberMark has been handling our search engine maximization, Facilitator4hire’s revenues have increased because of the increased opportunities coming to us from the web. The kinds of prospects we want are now finding our website…large companies with budgets, with a specific interest in what we do! I can directly attribute at least three major projects in the last year to the work Cybermark has done getting our site ranked so highly with search engines. We are consistently in the top eight listings on every major search engine, and usually in the top two. Their fees are the best marketing money we have ever spent! I hope this does you half as much good as you guys have done for us.

Their fees are the best marketing money we have ever spent! The internet sales is now 80% of our business, and we just landed a Fortune 500 client! Thanks CyberMark

Best Regards,

Robert L. Moir, CPF
Managing Partner
Facilitator4Hire, Inc.

"We wanted to thank CyberMark International for exceeding our expectations in marketing our website for our healthcare training. Being an IT consulting firm ourselves we knew that we would need expertise in search engine optimization. We found that the other firms we researched either made false claims or charged unreasonable prices. Going with CyberMark was definitely the right choice. From the onset we knew we faced two major obstacles, the first being that the product and keywords we wanted to market were extremely competitive and the second was that we needed to be ranked as soon as possible, to beat the federally mandated deadline for the healthcare training. As a direct result of your services, not only did we get ranked quickly, we were showing up consistently on the first or second page and often in the first or second position of the first page on all of the major search engines. Each month our web site continued to be ranked and continued to bring us clients nationally.

We were thoroughly impressed with your firm's ability to market our product, but were even more impressed at your ability to do so at such a competitive price. As you know we recommend all of our clients to CyberMark International when they need to expand their web presence and their client base. Why? Because hands down you are the best at site optimization and Internet marketing."

Jay A. Masci, PMP
Principal Consultant

"Please accept our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the extraordinary results we have seen in our first full year working with CyberMark International. We were initially skeptical about marketing our legal services on the Internet. You have well surpassed all of our expectations. As a direct result of your services, our law firm has seen a marked increase in its client base. Each month our web site now brings us new local clients from throughout Arizona, and to our surprise, additional clients from across the country, and even others from around the world. Kimberly, we greatly appreciate the personal attention provided by you and your staff. Sensitive to our needs, you have thoroughly impressed us with your ability to market our law firm in a dignified and professional manner, while obtaining unexpected results. We highly recommend CyberMark to any business, particularly professional businesses seeking to expand their client base, without compromising their image. Please feel free to show off our exceptional ranking reports indicating our listings at the top of all the major search engines. Thanks again."

Jay R. Bloom
Attorney at Law

"My armored car manufacturing company The Armored Group LLC has had the benefit of working with Kimberly and her team for almost 12 years. Her team has been my internet and website consultant all this time and has done an exceptional job. My website ranks in the top 3 in almost every key word search by all of the top search engines. I believe Kimberly and her team rank in the top 5 in the country for what they do."

Robert Pazderka
CEO, President
The Armored Group LLC

I took the plunge two years ago with hiring a developer to create a website for my company. In addition to the development, CyberMark International was hired to give me guidance and input with keyword help, marketing, and even a name for my website. They have kept my rankings high and have been faithful to me when I need information or suggestions. Their quick response to my inquiries is one of the most important aspects to me. I am a small home based business and they treat me just like the big guys. Thank you CyberMark.

Candy Roe

Our relationship with CyberMark International has been very good all the way. You were very professional and helpful in the setup stage. You helped make the web design most effective. After the initial setup, you were very prompt and responsive to our occasional customer service needs. The results are very good. As time goes by, the business we are getting through your marketing help is expanding. We are extremely happy.

Samir Khalaf
Allsize Ministorage

"Cybermark has been incredibly helpful with the growth of our business. Our search engine rankings have been high for several years thanks to CyberMark's help and I am certain that thru our prominence on the web, a multitude of new clients have passed through our doors. CyberMark is clear, efficient, and easy to work with."

David Romanelli,
At One Yoga

"We hired CyberMark to increase traffic to the City of Palm Desert, California's website. We began noticing their efforts immediately. In just one month, our traffic increased by 50 percent. We are impressed with CyberMark's knowledge of this constantly-changing field, their follow through and the results we've achieved from their efforts. We plan to continue CyberMark's services on an annual basis and highly recommend them to others."

Erika Byrd
City of Palm Desert

"We just started with CyberMark and already are getting business and inquiries regarding our cleaning services. Thanks CyberMark!

Palm Springs Cleaning

"Just a brief note offering my sincere "thank you" for all of your help in the growth of the Mark Cresse School of Baseball. Little did I know after our initial meeting of the impact your services would have on my business. The Mark Cresse School of Baseball is at or near the top rankings of all major search engines. Your quick responses to my inquires and concerns are greatly appreciated as is your help with my understanding of the entire process of marketing our website. Our business has grown 40% in the past 5 years and I attribute your services as the major factor. Please keep up the good work."

Jeff Pressman – Mark Cresse School of Baseball

The Southwest Greens Lake County website designed by Cybermark went up this week. In the first 24 hours I received an email inquiry, spoke on the phone and scheduled an appointment with an interested client. Both Kimberly and Derek were a pleasure to work with and I'm very pleased with the professional website they created. They have promised to assist me in adding pictures of client greens so it truly reflects the community I serve.

Holly Krevitz Southwest Greens - Lake County, IL Serving Chicago's North Shore

Kimberly, I would like to personally thank you and your staff for working with me and producing a great web site. You and your staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about something I thought I knew a little bit about. Boy was I wrong. What you have done for me and my company is better than any other form of advertising, and believe me, I've tried them all. I get compliments everyday from customers on how nice and accessible my website is not to mention how easy it was for them to find it. Your research on web placement and marketing has given my site top billing on almost every search engine. With your constant support my web site generates at a low of 11 leads per week and one week we got 33 leads from the website. I now deal with customers who are informed and interested buyers. The website adds a great deal of credibility to me and my sales force but most of all, the money being generated from web site leads pays for your services with only one sale. There could not be a better way to get leads and make money. Cybermark has made me a believer. My very best to you and your staff.

Steve Bosco Perfect Putt

Because of the results that Cybermark Int’l has attained with one of my companies I have turned over our other website for Kimberly to manage for us. I have been very pleased with the number of leads on a weekly basis that I get and the help with understanding what is going to drive my internet business, the communication and service that I receive has been exceptional. The value I receive for the services that Cybermark provides has been a great decision for our business in Nashville.

Joe Sumislawski Southwest Greens Nashville LLC

CyberMark International has provided services for our website that have been essential to our success and growth. Also, we find our valid leads from direct mailers logging on to our website before contacting us directly. CyberMark has provided professional services to our business and we can always count on their expertise if or when we have any questions. Our website is an important marketing tool for our business! Leads are generated almost daily to us through our website, and even redirected to us if in fact they get misdirected to another dealer in another area. It is an easy way for people to find us and contact us!

Thanks, Shelley

We would like to thank the CyberMark International Team for their continued efforts! After 12 months of high rankings among the search engines, we are seeing many new and dynamic sales opportunities. The quality of leads are bigger and better with the ability to create new long term partnerships. Your success is our success! Keep up the great work!

Best Regards, Michael

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