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Whatever your business, product or service may be, you need a blog promoting it with new posts at least once a week. Blogging gives you an opportunity to join the social media conversation with original, informative content. It simply takes an investment of time and energy into blog marketing that CyberMark International can provide.

Through our blog marketing services you can be informed, strategic and dedicated when it comes to the strength of your blog presence, presenting you with an opportunity to:

  • Give your business a voice that may be more informal and conversational than your regular website content
  • Share new information, such as industry news, special promotions and the unveiling of new products
  • Give your business a face by posting pictures and stories about company events and your talented, dedicated staff
  • Engage your customers or clients in conversations via your blog’s comments section where readers may post their thoughts and you can (and should) respond
  • Encourage your website visitors to return or subscribe to your RSS feed
  • Produce fresh, keyword-rich content on a regular basis that search engines love and generously reward you for in the listings
  • Attract inbound links to quality content which will in turn improve your rankings (the more inbound links you have the more the search engines will consider you to be an authority on your subject and rank you accordingly)

Specializing in search engine optimization since 1994, CyberMark has witnessed time and time again the power of fresh content to improve the quality of your website. With a blog you not only appeal to visitors who are looking for a reason to return, but also search engines which place tremendous value on sites that regularly post new information. To that end, CyberMark incorporates SEO techniques into many of our blog marketing services. For instance, keyword integration is essential for comments on relevant forums and blogs, Twitter updates announcing new blog posts and descriptions of posts submitted to social news sites.

Our blog marketing services include:

  • Announcing and providing links to your new blog posts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace
  • Submitting new blog posts to social news sites like Digg, Technorati and Reddit
  • Submitting your blog to blog directories like Best of the Web’s Blog Directory, Bloggeries and OnTopList.com
  • Submitting your blog to social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon
  • Promoting your blog via comments on other relevant blogs and forums, including links back to your blog and/or website
  • Creating a keyword-rich Squidoo Lense about your blog

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