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When Is Last Time You Updated These 6 Essentials of Internet Marketing?

Considering how much you have to keep track of for your internet marketing campaign, prioritizing is job number one. Of course, in doing so, you’ve probably noticed that there are some things that always seem to get bumped to the … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing FAQs

In 2014, it is projected that 25 percent of internet traffic will come from mobile devices. For this reason, you cannot afford to neglect or procrastinate on mobile marketing. You need it now. Have questions? Get answers, and do your … Continue reading

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8 Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Share Factor

If you want it to stand out, your blog marketing can’t just be good. It’s gotta be great. Not just relative to your writing, but a whole host of other things that influence whether your blog posts get shared or … Continue reading

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Do You Find Followers Like You Find Friends?

If social media marketing doesn’t feel second-nature to you, treat it like something similar that already does. In fact, the best way of finding quality followers is to go about it the same way you do finding quality friends. 1) … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Stand Out On the Search Engine Results Page

Let’s say you achieve a page one ranking for a core keyword term. Yes, it’s a banner moment for your SEO marketing team, especially if the keyword term is a particularly competitive one. But remember, you’re only halfway there. Even … Continue reading

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3 Ways Rich Snippets Enhance SEO

While most people have no idea what a “rich snippet” is, most of us see them multiple times a day via our search engine results — those little bits of extra info displayed with a website listing, be it photo, … Continue reading

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Keyword Research Redefined: The Basics

Yes, Google eliminated its free keyword tool. And yes, Google encrypted all searches, meaning you can no longer see which keyword terms work best at converting visitors to your site. But there are plenty of other ways to conduct keyword … Continue reading

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Mastering Cross-Platform Social Networking

If you’re not following and engaging with your fave connections across multiple platforms, you’re missing out on a grand opportunity to maximize your social media investment. Stand out. The more connections we have, the more easily our connections get lost. … Continue reading

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Twitter Chats Cheat Sheet

As invaluable as Twitter chats are to building credibility and connections, they’re surprisingly underutilized by business owners. This is a shame, not only for them, but for potential customers and clients who could really benefit from their expertise. Twitter chats … Continue reading

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The Right Way To Guest Blog (Google-Approved)

The SEO community has been all-abuzz in recent days over a pretty bold statement made by Google’s Matt Cutts: “Guest blogging is done.” What he meant to say (and actually did if you read closely enough) is that guest blogging … Continue reading

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