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Facebook Marketing

What if you had the potential to reach 300 million people through a social media site for which half of them log onto every single day? That is the opportunity you have with Facebook where 50 percent of active users visit on a daily basis.

Yes, Facebook users visit this hugely-popular social media site to keep up with their friends, but anyone who has spent time on Facebook knows it is also a place to connect with people who share similar interests. In fact, every day more than 10 million active users become fans of Facebook Business, Group and Fan pages.

While you tend to your own personal Facebook page, CyberMark can help you create and manage a Facebook Business, Group and/or Fan page as well, relying on our internet marketing expertise to:

  • Attract to your page Facebook users whose profile and updates imply an interest in the type of product or service you have to offer
  • Encourage Facebook users to click on your links, such as your website URL and individual posts with links to specific pages on your site, blog or shopping cart
  • Engage Facebook users in conversation, helping to strengthen your relationships with existing and potential customers and clients

The type of page you need simply depends on the type of business, product or service you would like to promote. Our Facebook marketing services include:

  • Helping you set up your Facebook Business, Group or Fan page, complete with profile image, bio and other relevant details
  • Posting regular updates to your Facebook page, such as links to new blog posts, industry news, special promotions, new products, videos, pictures, etc.
  • Uploading promotional videos to your Facebook page
  • Inviting active users to join your page
  • Commenting on the updates of your fans and/or group members
  • Implementing the Facebook Event feature to help organize and promote a party or special get-together
  • Utilizing various tools on your Facebook Business, Group or Fan page, such as Reviews, Discussions and Links

In addition to the services outlined above, CyberMark can help you create a cost-per-click (CPC) ad campaign for your Facebook presence. We have specialized in CPC on Google, Yahoo and other search engines for years, implementing techniques that translate easily and effectively into Facebook cost-per-click campaigns.

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