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Capture more leads for your franchisees off the web using our franchise SEO plan! Or capture more leads of those looking to purchase a franchise! We do both!

CyberMark has helped franchise companies with their internet marketing and search engine optimization – as well as dealership based model companies – successfully generate more leads for their franchisees or dealerships. In addition, we have helped them achieve huge growth in increasing the number of franchisee and dealership sign ups. Our franchise marketing is extremely effective; no longer do you have to worry about supplying your franchisee with leads. We take care of that for you, in addition to getting more interested investors and those looking to purchase a franchise.

Franchise marketing programs that work, from CyberMark –your franchise marketing experts!

We have a proven marketing plan that can generate more leads for each dealer or franchisee, by saturating the regional market on the web! We are able to go in and assist corporate to help generate not only more leads for national or international keyword terms, but also help your corporate site generate more leads for each individual franchisee or dealer. This is done by helping the site capture more regional listings, as well as to assist the site in getting higher rankings for its main terms on an international basis. Web searches are more regionalized than ever before. If you’re not there, your competition will be, guaranteed!

CyberMark has increased the number of sign ups by being creative and coming up with a completely customized franchise marketing plan to pull in those looking for specific franchise business opportunities.
Our franchise marketing results mean higher profits and huge company growth! Because we only take on one franchise or dealership company in a particular category, it is critical to give us a call to secure your position today with us, before your competitor does!

Give us a call now at 623-889-3380 ext 4, or fill out our website evaluation form and please tell us if you are a franchisee or franchisor, and that you are interested in our franchise marketing program.

Franchise Marketing Testimonial - Southwest Greens

“We met CyberMark back in 2004 after we had hired another SEO company to optimize our site.  Unknowingly they had applied techniques that the search engines would later penalize us for.   CyberMark did some research to determine why we had no listings and it was because we had been banned by all of the major search engines.   We promptly hired them to get us back in compliance with the search engines.  They removed all unethical SEO and replaced with good SEO, and wrote letters to Google explaining our situation.  The search engines allowed us back in and we have been ranking in the top 5 for our terms ever since.

Being a franchise company it is imperative that we deliver good and solid leads to our franchisees.  We are now able to do this and our growth due to CyberMark is exponential.  Our franchisees were not doing well on the web either, so we came up with a strategic plan for Cybermark to be the sole web optimization company for our worldwide franchisees.   Now our franchisees are pulling their own traffic and leads on top of what we can give them.   CyberMark saved my business and I am forever grateful.    Our franchisees attribute that a significant portion of their business is directly brought through CyberMark organic SEO.  Best of all they only take on one franchise company in a particular category so you need not worry about them marketing a competitor while they are marketing for your company.  I would snatch them up before it is too late.  Believe me you DON’T want your competitor to reach them first.

I strongly urge anyone, especially if you are a franchise company or dealership type of business to contact CyberMark and see what they can do for you!  Just look where our company southwestgreens.com ranks on Google for our big terms, putting greens and golf greens, and see for yourself.”

Weston Weber
Southwest Greens

BBB Ethics Award Winner 2011