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How do you handle linking and why is it important?

Yes, we do linking, and it is important in the organic search engine optimization process. When a search engine such as Google sees a lot of good relevant sites linking to you, it tells the engine your site is very important and gives you a natural rank boost.

When we implement a search engine optimization strategy for your site, we do article marketing, press releases, free directory and paid directory submissions and good ole fashioned business networking. Not all of these are included in all of our packages but we can customize a personalized strategy. Article marketing involves the creation of articles that are on your website topic. These articles are informative and educational. They are posted on your site, providing more content to the search engines and increasing your visibility. In addition, your articles will be placed on other relevant sites similar to your topic to provide others with valuable content as well. This content is integrated with links back to your site which is a natural, effective way to generate exposure and linking for higher search engine listings. Because we are able to control the anchor text of those links, as well as making sure all links are one way links, this ensures higher value with the search engines or better page rank. This will not detract from your site, but provide interesting and informative content. Integration is done by adding a secondary drop down to your navigation bar, as well as placing a link in your footer and site maps.

This will help create a great viral link opportunity and is beneficial for everyone involved. We also offer as part of any of our marketing packages submission to over 100 free directories. These directories have high page rank, and help pass this on to your website for better exposure and search engine rankings.

For an additional fee, we can also supercharge your page rank by also doing a paid directory package to the top 25 highest page ranked directories that also pull the most traffic, as well as a press release that can be placed up on such sites as Forbes, Yahoo Finance and many more. With our press releases we also can submit to on-topic trade directories to reach your target audience. The best and safest way to addresses linking is a multi-faceted approach. Please call us today at 623-889-3380 for a customized link campaign.

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