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How can I rank high regionally or statewide?

Search engine optimization is achieved on a regional or statewide level through specific keyword integration of the website. CyberMark International has the unique ability to optimize your site according to your specific location. For example, if you are a Phoenix, Arizona company, we will apply marketing that includes surrounding cities, such as Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and others. This will allow you to service more clients because you have reached a wider advertising audience through our search engine optimization strategies. Increasing your reach to adjacent communities or throughout metro areas, rather than just focusing on one city, will help your business attract a myriad of additional customers.

In addition to expanding your potential customer base, we also recognize how to focus the search engine listings to hone in on more likely clients. If you are an Arizona attorney, we don’t necessarily want you to rank high for “lawyer” or “attorney” on the search list, because you may get individuals from all over the country ending up on your site. Since you may not be able to service nationwide clients, we want you to rank high for “Phoenix attorney” or “Scottsdale lawyer,” which will help narrow visitors to those whom are actual potential clients. We have the knowledge and experience to improve online traffic to your local business through our specialized search engine optimization techniques.

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