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Will I need to come back and pay for more optimization?

All we ask in our contract is that you stay with us for six months. We ask this because it takes that long for total search engine saturation, and we want you to give us a chance to show you the results your company is looking for. After that, maintenance enrollment is done on a monthly basis, and further search engine optimization purchases are entirely up to you and the demands of your business.

In our monthly maintenance package, we monitor your site and make minor adjustments, as they are necessary. However, if your site needs a complete overhaul or redesign, where we will have to go back in and reapply our search engine optimization strategy, we must then charge additional. Many customers, after six months of marketing results, will see an increase in traffic and exposure and decide to implement another marketing package, with additional content and increase their search engine optimization. This will help them maintain their accessibility longer through adapting to updated search engine algorithms. We at CyberMark International are confident in the success of our program, and we will never pressure your commitment. We work for you, and additional search engine optimization is always at your discretion and convenience.

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