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CyberMark’s clientele includes over 500 clients from around the world and from industries across the board. Businesses large and small and in virtually every industry you could imagine have learned firsthand the value of search engine optimization and the wisdom of pursuing it in partnership with CyberMark International.

We could sit here all day extolling our own virtues, but the message is much more effective coming from our long list of satisfied clients. Here are some of their thoughts on how search engine optimization and CyberMark have changed their businesses for the better:


“On Google we are number 1! This looks like a CyberMark mark as well! Well done! Please keep it up. These are tough times. It's terrific to have a partner we can trust to help out.~ Des Mayne, Owner, Boot Dryers

“CyberMark has had such a positive effect on our business throughout the years.  The customer service has always been nothing short of amazing, and the staff is so friendly and courteous.  If ever we have a question or a concern, our emails and phone calls are answered in a timely manner and there is always a solution delivered.  Besides the impeccable service that we have consistently received from CyberMark, they have also catapulted our site to the number one spot on all of the top search engines, directly increasing our sales and revenue.  We cannot say enough about the CyberMark team.  They are fantastic! ”
~Brad (Client Requested Private) Phoenix, AZ

"The SEO optimization and internet marketing industry, in my experience, is made up mostly of companies that consist of slick salesmen, who take your money, make promises, which they do not have the knowledge or resources to fulfill.

Cybermark is definitely the EXCEPTION.

They have drastically increased our website traffic, and our Google presence, while keeping to a reasonable budget.

Working with Kimberly and her team has been an absolute pleasure.  They are quick to respond to any issues and/or questions that we have and always answer everything clearly and concisely.

They have great ideas and know how to implement them to our benefit.  I would really like to add an emphasis on the response time to getting questions answered, new ideas implemented, and any potential issues averted immediately.  I cannot stress enough the excellence in that area that CyberMark demonstrates.

I would highly recommend CyberMark to anyone!  And I do not ever give recommendations unless they are well deserved."

~ Ross Freedman, DiscountArtificialGrass.com

“CyberMark did an excellent job of optimizing and promoting my website. We are ranked highly in all the major search engines and they continue to monitor our position and make suggestions for improving the site.” ~ Jim Walton, President, Southwest Greens of Florida

“CyberMark is a CPC Genius. I could not speak more highly of their care and how this has changed our business.” ~ Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, CEDS, The Center for Counseling and Health Resources

“CyberMark’s knowledge and expertise in the CPC area has been right in the growth of Promologo internet sites. We have seen a 50 percent growth in our internet sales after their work on our keywords and internet positioning.” ~ Tom Bogle, President, Adsun

“My armored car manufacturing company The Armored Group LLC has had the benefit of working with Kimberly and her team for almost 12 years. Her team has been my internet and website consultant all this time and has done an exceptional job. My website ranks in the top 3 in almost every key word search by all of the top search engines. I believe Kimberly and her team rank in the top 5 in the country for what they do.” ~ Reobert Pazderka, President, The Armored Group LLC

“If you build the world’s prettiest web site but no one comes, is it a real web site? If you don’t want to waste time with stupid existential questions like this then you’d better hire Kimberly Judd-Pennie and her team at CyberMark – they will make your site REAL by delivering a REAL audience of REAL prospects.” ~ TJ Walker, Executive Director, Media Training Worldwide

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