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Do you have any “partner only” advantages through certain search engines?

No, and neither does any other search engine optimization company. Do not trust a business that speaks of having secretive advantages in working with search engines. Those businesses are most likely referring to “paid inclusion,” in which your search engine submission fee is included in the search engine optimization package. This in no way affects their ability to optimize and effectively market your site. Search engines are not allowed to favor one search engine optimization firm over another.

Though some firms may claim to, no one has any “insider software” or special relationship with the search engines. Search engines do not disclose their unique mathematical algorithms to anyone. All businesses are treated equally. However, we do have excellent working relationships with the all of the search engines, in that we know what they expect, we are familiar with their advertising programs, and they know we provide legitimate and ethical search engine optimization techniques to our customers. Choose a company that can provide the honest and forthright marketing information and strategies you deserve. Choose CyberMark International for your ethical search engine optimization needs.

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