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Do you do both organic and pay-per-click search engine optimization?

CyberMark International does implement both organic and pay-per-click (PPC) search engine optimization strategies. Organic search engine optimization is achieved when your site ranks at the top of the search page because it matches the mathematical algorithm designated by the search engine. PPC search engine optimization is when your company pays to be at the top of the search page. For example, on a Google search, you will find one or two sites at the top of the page and several on the right of the page. These have been separated and will have a label of “sponsored” nearby. These are PPC sites. To attain these listings, you must pay for each visitor click. Those on the left of the search page are organic and do not require further payment to be available to visitors. These free listings actually will often produce better traffic than the paid listings. That is why it is so important to utilize proper search engine optimization strategies to keep your traffic up and your cost down.

We do offer both types of search engine optimization services if you are interested. We will often first devise an organic marketing campaign, but if immediate traffic is needed, we are also capable of implementing a PPC program to jumpstart and then supplement your site’s accessibility. It is recommended by our firm, as well as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine, that companies do apply both search engine optimization techniques to achieve the best possible exposure for your website.

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