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BBB Ethics Award Finalist


Read more about the 2009 BBB BUSINESS ETHICS AWARD on the Better Business Bureau Website. CyberMark is in Category II: http://central-northern-western-arizona.bbb.org/article/9588

Listen to CyberMark President and CEO Kimberly Judd-Pennie discuss ethical search engine optimization on KFNN 1510 Financial News Radio's "Business for Breakfast" with Ken Morgan & Julie Dougherty.

Phoenix, AZ (April 14, 2009) – Cybermark International, an internet marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization and other online specialty advertising techniques, has been chosen as a finalist for the 2009 BBB Business Ethics Award to be presented April 30, 2009.  2009 marks the third consecutive year Cybermark’s commitment to providing national and international clients with ethical search engine optimization has garnered them a nomination, and the first time the company has been chosen as a finalist.

CyberMark BuildingThe BBB Business Ethics Awards were established in 2002 for the purpose of recognizing firms whose business practices and related activities reflect the mission and principles of the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB continues to work toward a fair and honorable marketplace by shining a spotlight on companies that maintain ethical business practices.  Kimberly Judd-Pennie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cybermark International since the company’s inception in 1994, says it’s an honor to be nominated.

“We are humbled and honored that the BBB would notice and acknowledge our dedication and commitment to our community and to assisting other business owners who are struggling in this economy,” says Judd-Pennie.  “We are one with our customers and see them as family, and are here to help ensure their economic survival and success.”  

While many search optimization companies sacrifice honesty and integrity for a quick-fix solution to getting high rankings, Cybermark continues to prove that ethical SEO practices provide consistent, long-term results and a pathway to financial success.  Many customers have experienced the unethical practices of previous SEO companies firsthand; practices that ultimately found these unsuspecting companies penalized for unethical behavior and even banned from the listings altogether.  Cybermark’s ethical SEO techniques have proven to generate both immediate and long-term results and a growing community of loyal and satisfied clients.

Cybermark International is also committed to serving the community at large by donating SEO services to a number of local and national charities.  Among those who have benefited from Cybermark’s efforts are Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Arizona, North Ridge Community Church, and Dreams Do Come True, a national non-profit organization for children, and many others.          

For more information on Cybermark International and how they can positively impact your franchise marketing sales efforts call (623) 889-3380 or visit them online at www.cybermarkintl.com.

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