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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

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  1. What is search engine optimization?
  2. Why do my web pages need to be optimized?
  3. If everyone optimizes, what can I gain?
  4. Should I optimize every page for the search engines?
  5. When will my website show up on the search engine rankings after they are submitted?
  6. Can the design of my website affect my rankings?
  7. Exactly which search engines do you submit my website to?
  8. Do you do international Internet marketing?
  9. Why is search engine optimization important?
  10. Do you do both organic and pay-per-click search engine optimization?
  11. What does google page rank have to do with search engine optimization?
  12. What is ethical search engine optimization?
  13. How long will your search engine optimization services last?
  14. Will I need to come back and pay for more optimization?
  15. Will search engine optimization work for all types of search engines?
  16. What types of companies benefit most from search engine optimization techniques?
  17. How can I rank high regionally or statewide?
  18. Can I compete with national or international companies?
  19. How do you handle linking?
  20. What search engine optimization packages do you offer?
  21. How fast will I see results from searches?
  22. Do you have any “partner only” advantages through certain search engines?
  23. Can your search engine optimization techniques help to send more interested customers (not just surfers) to my website?
  24. What will I be responsible for in this process?


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