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How long will your search engine optimization services last?

From the time we begin the search engine optimization process, it takes 30 days to apply the marketing and implement new text. It takes three months for total search engine saturation because search engines need that time to find and connect links to existing sites. We will run your first rank report at the eight-week mark, then again at twelve weeks, so you are able to see how the strategy is proceeding. You will then receive additional reports on a quarterly basis.

Our packages are a one-time purchase, and then we offer a monthly maintenance plan that ensures our commitment to continuously revising and updating your site for maximum, long-term search engine exposure. Because our search engine optimization strategies are so effective, we rarely need to alter our marketing plan. However, with involvement in our monthly maintenance and monitoring program, if your site begins to slip in search engine rankings, we are quick to refresh your content and revitalize your site with you for an additional fee.

We have clients that have used our services for ten years, trusting our marketing and search engine optimization techniques for their business. So whether you are in need of quick site rejuvenation, or want to partner with us for the long haul, CyberMark International has the search engine optimization strategy for you.

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