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Target Customers with SEO

Can your search engine optimization techniques help to send more interested customers (not just surfers) to my website?

Yes, but it is unethical to guarantee an increase in sales or productivity. We cannot even guarantee ranking, because search engines do not even promise to index every site. As an ethical search engine optimization firm, we will implement our strategies and traffic to your site, and this will cause increased exposure which will result in increased traffic. However, whether your conversions (visitors becoming buyers) will increase is not certain.

If we track high traffic but low sales when monitoring your website, then we know the marketing and search engine optimization strategy has worked, but there are further complications with the website (such as high product cost, poor layout, low purchase efficiency, etc). At that point we will either recommend alteration of the web design or reanalyze the keyword strategy that was implemented. In either case, CyberMark International will apply whatever search engine optimization technique is necessary to help your business improve its rankings and increase its sales.

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