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Types of Search Engines

Will search engine optimization work for all types of search engines?

In our search engine optimization process, we do have affiliations with all search engines, but most of the traffic a site receives is from the top-25 search engines. And of those, the top-10 engines are the ones we monitor most closely. These include Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and others that are the most prominent Internet search engines.

One additional benefit of the CyberMark search engine optimization strategy is that we manually submit your site to the search engines, rather than using software submission. Software submissions are automated search engine submissions using software that is less reliable and effective than our manual style of submission. We take the time to personally go through the search engine submission process for our clients to ensure the utmost in quality and efficiency.

We know exactly what the search engines are looking for, so our experience is put to use in helping your site rank as high as possible. CyberMark International has the knowledge and expertise to connect you with the most powerful search engines during the search engine optimization process.

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