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Optimized Web Pages

Why do my webpages need to be optimized?

Search engines display search results by matching the exact search term (keyword) that a web user types in with webpages that exist in their database. This means that you can only rank for terms that actually exist on your webpage. Through search engine optimization we calculate the specific percentage of keywords necessary to rank the webpage successfully. We also utilize other techniques that will increase the ranking of a webpage.

Which keywords you use are VERY important. If the keywords used on your webpage are not precisely what is being used in a search, you may have a #1 keyword ranking but it could be for a keyword that no one actually uses. Also, if your content does not match what the web-user is searching for they may not be happy with what your web page has to offer. Included in our service is specific research to determine the keywords that describes both your website and the search terms that web-users actually search with. That means that "targeted" web-users will be driven to your website which leads to a higher sales conversion rate.

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